New Detective Magazine Vol. 2, No. 3 (July, 1942)



A Novel of Strange Mystery

A Fare for Hell’s Little Hackie by Curt Benson – They looked like twins – but one was the girl he loved, and the other was a kill-crazy murderess, who had marked him as her next victim.

Thrilling Crime Novelettes

This is Murder! By Francis K. Allen – Like a derelict ship with a dead man at the portholes, the bus disappeared into the fog – but I fought my way up that one-way road to death, for I had seen the signs and they all pointed to murder!

You Die Next! By Robert Sidney Bowen – A vacation became a busman’s holiday when crime’s enemy number one found a damsel in distress and plunged himself into the mad murder-party begun by a crazy inventor who killed himself for laughs!

Outstanding Short Fiction

Murder While You sleep by Lance Kermit – “There’s one thing better than getting rid of the weapon, and that’s getting rid of the corpse.  Brother, that’s where you fit into the picture!”

Secret Witness by Henry Bela Hachrach – “It’s your last chance copper.  Put down the gun and scram and nothing will happen.  Stay and I’ll put a bullet in this kid’s head!”

Danger Incorporated by Edward S. Williams – “You’re smart enough to know that I cannot permit you to live.  Have a good time now, my friend – because before morning you will be dead!”

The Man Who Wasn’t There by David Crewe – Two killers play a game of murder, unmindful of the man who wasn’t there – Mr. Death, who must settle the score!

True Crime Story

The Day When Death Wore Wings by Aldo A. Pellin – The baffling story of a killer who stole a pair of wings to mete out murder above the clouds.

Special Feature

The Witness Chair – A Department – When a gunman kills a cop, the only escape is – Death!

New Detective Magazine Vol.11, No.1 (January, 1948)



Two New-Length Novels

Come Die With Me! By John D. McDonald – “They killed you, my Johnny, and I’m still crying in my heart.  But it doesn’t show…  because my hate has made me strong.  You see, I’m going to kill them, Johnny.  Rest quietly my love…”

Buried In Bond by John Lawrence – A man without a country…  A girl without a chance…  A night when death wore many faces and the clock struck – trackless murder!

Feature Length Novels

Next Week – Murder! By Shad Collins – The play’s the thing, Donovan believed, and you had to give a good performance – even though you were cast as a corpse!

Eyes In The Night by Day Keene – “Run away copper.  Into drink…  into crime…  into the river.  But you’ll never be able to run fast or far enough to get away from the dead man’s eyes – the innocent man you sent to the chair!”

Short Stories

Time To Kill by Coleman MeyerThere is a sucker born every minute – One for each wise guy who dies!

The Wrath of Umantah by Ray Cummings – Every man has his symbol of faith, his talisman against Death – but when a man is evil, the vengeance of his father is swift!

Crime Facts and Special Features

The Witness Chair by A Department

The Third Degree by Hallack McCord

Strange Trails of Murder by Lee

The Case of the Flighty Cadaver by Zeta Rothschild

Find the Body! By Joseph F. Fishman

Solving Cipher secrets by M.E. Ohaver