Oriental Stories Vol. 1, No. 1 (October – November 1930)


Cover Design: “Singapore Nights” by Von Gelb


The Yellow River (Verse) by Hung Long Tom

Singapore Nights by Frank Owen – A romantic adventure in the meeting-place of the Orient.

The Man Who Limped by Otis Adelbert Kline – How Hamed the Atter overcame his perverse hatred of women.

The White Queen by Francis Hard – A chess game played for life and death in the Arabian desert.

Flower Profiles (Verse) by Hung Long Tom

Strange Bedfellows by S.B.H. Hurst – Russian and British interests in Islam – a tale of Bugs Sinnat

The Tiger’s Eye by Pearl Norton Swet – A weird story of Bengal and a disastrous tiger-hunt.

Eyes of the Dead by Lieutenant Edgar Gardiner – Mahhub, the Afghan Hillman, avenges his kinsman, Yar Khan

The Desert Women by Richard Kent – A modern Thais comes out of the great desert.

The Cobra Den by Paul Ernst – Venomous snakes and a wild adventure among the Arabs.

The Black Camel by G.G. Pendarves – Buzak ruled tyrannically in the desert city of El Zoonda.

The Curse by Captain Ed Smith – In India it is considered dangerous to insult a Yogi.

The Voice of El-Lil by Robert E. Howard – A modern tale of the ancient city of Sumer.

The Circle of Illusion by Lottie Lesh – A Japanese tale of the Unfinished Buddha.

 The Souk – A chat with our readers.

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