Transatlantic Tales Vol.32, No.6 (November, 1906)



The Quagmire (From the Russian) by M. Stanukovich

Her Fad for Fine Furniture ((From the French) by Jean Gounouilhou

The Women in White (From the Italian) by Grazia Deledda

An Idyl (From the Danish) by Lyhe Zernichov

Rest (From the German) by Wilhelm Wolters

Father Malaverne (From the French) by J.H. Rosny

The Tomb of Ali-Bellus (From the Spanish) by V. Blasco Ibanez

Character in Pawn (From the Bohemian) by Cech Svatopluk

The Little Chorus Singer (From the German) by Gabriele Reuter

Thou Shalt Not Kill (From the French) by Emile Solari

The Avenger (From the Russian) by Anton Chekhov

A Kiss in the Dark (From the Italian) by Roberto Bracco

The Murderer (From the Danish) by Carl Muusmann

Suicide (From the French) by Georges Maurevert

Gudrun Flame-Hair (From the German) by Georg von der Gabelentz

The Robbery (From the Polish) by S. Karaskevich

The Choir of the Angels (From the Spanish) by Pedro de Alarcon

The Street Singer (From the French) by Rene Morax

A Very Immoral Bird (From the German) by Hermann Jacques

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