Dime Mystery Magazine Vol. 17, No. 1 (April 1938)



A Long Novel of Blood Chilling Terror

Arms of the Flame Goddess by Francis James – The shadow of the Penitentes – that strange and terrible cult of fire-worshipers – filled my heart with dread. For I knew that soon the lovely body of my wife would be a scorched and blackened sacrifice to the devils of desire!

Two Nevelettes of Bizarre Mystery

I Am the Beast by Gene Gary – It was the war that left my face scarred and fearful to look upon – but it was something else that turned me into a ravishing beast, filled with a lust for murder!

Corpses on Parade by Edith and Ejlir Jacobson – From the doors of the exclusive Quadrangle Club they spewed forth – those living corpses whose very presence filled the streets of New York with the stench of a charnel house. Bu the fiend who created them was not satisfied….

A True Feature of Indescribable Horror

Histories Gallery of Monsters by John Kobler – William Stewart, who wrote in blood one of the darkest chapters in the annals of the sea.

Four Short Stories of Eerie Mystery and Dread

Chains of Dread Desire by Robert Howard NortonThe kiss of Judas – from the lips of a girl who loved – plagued John Bartlett into a quagmire of horror where the ghosts of his ancestor’s sins arose to destroy him!

Express to Hell by Julius Long – Enden built his setting with the genius of the damned – and the mad gods laughed when his vengeance plan proved a deadly boomerang!

Nymph of Damnation by William B. Rainey – He wore on his face the mark of the devil’s curse, and in the blood surged an endless lust – for the woman whose white body beckoned to him from beyond the pale of space…..

Monster of His Making by Henry Treat Sperry – While old Doctor Kennedy watched in hopeless agony, the inhuman fiend he had created prepared to plunge his knife deep into the straining white body of the only girl he loved!


Disturb Not the Dead by the Editors – Of a mystery behind all human understanding.

The River Styx – A department

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